viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Let's go to shopping!!
The tittle was for fun xD In this entry, i gonna talk about the price of the clothes. In my country, theres so much clothes expensive... But, i like the elegant clothes, and i don't care about the value if i bought quality clothes.

All right! This is the clothes and represent my personal style. The shirt has a price of bs100. and the short has a cost of Bs. 70. I like the heels, it's prada. It's very expensive... It's has a cost of Bs. 300. The sunglasses has a cost of Bs. 200.
The earrings and the rest of the accesories has, together, a cost of Bs.150.

That's very expensive clothes! But i go to the beach, so i wanna be a fashion girl.

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